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Kotowska, M. & Werner, F.A. (2013): Environmental controls over methane emissions from bromeliad phytotelmata: The role of phosphorus and nitrogen availability, temperature, and water content. GLOBAL BIOGEOCHEMICAL CYCLES 27, 1-8.
Wolf, K.; Flessa, H. & Veldkamp, E. (2011): Atmospheric methane uptake by tropical montane forest soils and the contribution of the organic layer. Biogeochemistry online, 15.
Martinson, G.; Werner, F.A.; Scherber, C.; Conrad, R.; Corre, M.; Flessa, H.; Wolf, K.; Klose, M.; Gradstein, S.R. & Veldkamp, E. (2010): Methane emissions from tank bromeliads in neotropical forests. Nature Geoscience 2010(3), 766-769.
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