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Hörst, J. (2020): Structural leaf trait effects on the biomass, abundance, community structure and individual sizes of folivorous insects in the canopy of a tropical mountain rainforest ecosystem Philipps-Universität Marburg, master thesis
Adams, M. & Fiedler, K. (2016): Low Herbivory among Targeted Reforestation Sites in the Andean Highlands of Southern Ecuador.. PLoS ONE 11(3), e0151277.
Adams, M. & Fiedler, K. (2015): The value of targeted reforestations for local insect diversity: a case study from the Ecuadorian Andes.. Biodiversity and Conservation 24, 2709-2734.
Strutzenberger, P. & Fiedler, K. (2011): Temporal patterns of diversification in Andean Eois, a species-rich clade of moths (Lepidoptera, Geometridae). Journal of Evolutionary Biology 24, 919-925.
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