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Fadrique, B. & Homeier, J. (2016): Elevation and topography influence community structure, biomass and host tree interactions of lianas in tropical montane forests of southern Ecuador. Journal of Vegetation Science 27, 958-968.
Schlautmann, J. (2016): Predator richness, elevation and rainfall seasonality: direct and indirect effects on artificial caterpillar predation University of Marburg, master thesis
Haukamp, H. & University of Marburg (2014): Phylogenetic and functional diversity of tropical tree communities along an elevation gradient University of Marburg, master thesis
Tiede, Y. (2014): Elevation and soil parameters shape the taxonomic and phylogenetic diversity of tropical trees in an Ecuadorian mountain rainforest University of Marburg, master thesis
Link, R. (2014): Spatial distribution of angiosperm species in a tropical Andean mountain ecosystem in southern Ecuador University of Goettingen, master thesis
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