Data Upload and Maintenance Workshop (11th May 2012 in Marburg)

The workshop focuses on structuring and uploading new research data into the FOR816 Data Warehouse. It also aims to complement existing dataset and enhance its metadata quality for publishing (with a DOI) and reuse. This makes your data more valuable and persistently referable.

Every research unit member is invited to join the workshop, but the number of participants will be limited to a group of  five to ensure an intensive support.

If you are interested please contact the data manager Thomas Lotz.

        Similar Workshops are planned to take place in August (also in Marburg) and in October (in Loja).


Unfortunately, this workshop did not take place due to missing registrations. We hope the next workshop in August will be better attended. Researchers should upload data in advance and check if they need additional support.

Author: Thomas Lotz | posted in meeting
11.05.2012 - 11.05.2012

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