The 16th of September there was (fortunately without fatalities) an aircraft accident at the airport of Quito as the Tame airplane coming from Loja ran off the end of the runway and safety zone until it collided with a brick wall.

Due to this accident there are several problems concerning air travel to and from Quito:

Because part of the ILS (Instrument Landing System) from the airport Quito was damaged, the flights to and from Quito are at the moment more prone for delays or cancellations due to weather or poor visibility. The ILS will hopefully be repaired within the next days.

Another problem for us is that Tame has now one aircraft less, which has a major impact on the flight schedules between Quito and Loja:

  • There will be until further notice from Monday to Saturday only one morning flight instead of two. The morning flight on Sunday and all flights in the afternoon from Monday to Friday and on Sunday should be operated normally.
  • Tame has assured that all passengers who already have a ticket for a canceled morning flight are transferred automatically to the operated morning flight.
  • Please check for all flights in advance and again the day before your trip with Tame if there’s any change. You can do this:
  1. At the Confirmed bookings site of the Tame webpage. You need your ID/passport number and the ticket number (NOT the flight number as quoted on the website). Both numbers  you find in the upper part of your E-Ticket. Don’t put the first three numbers (269); start with the fourth number.
  2. Tame counters at the airports and the Tame offices
  3. By phone: 1 800 500800 or +593 / (0)2 / 3977100
Author: Joerg Zeilinger | posted in general
29.09.2011 - 02.10.2011

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