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automatic air temperature and relative humiditiy measurements
Dataset ID: 354
Last updated: 2008-11-27
Dataset creators: Manfred Küppers
Contact: Manfred Küppers
Temporal coverage: 2000-09-01 00:05:00 - 2002-02-11 16:10:00
Geographic coverage: Q2.2
Abstract: automatic air temperature, relative humiditiy, so...
Additional info: ---
Keywords: | air temperature | relative humidity | photosynthetic active radiation | global radiation | wind speed | suction power potential | temperature | humidity | soil moisture | soil temperature |
1. Entity:
Entity name: air temperature and relative humiditiy measurements
Entity type:dataTable
Air temperature in 4 m (Ta_4m) [Degrees Celsius]
Air temperature in 8m (Ta_8m) [Degrees Celsius]
Air temperature in 13 m (Ta_13m) [Degrees Celsius]
Air temperature in 20 m (Ta_20m) [Degrees Celsius]
Air humidity 4m (Huma_4m) [Percent]
Air humidity 8m (Huma_8m) [Percent]
Air humidity 13m (Huma_13m) [Percent]
Air humidity 20m (Huma_20m) [Percent]
Date and Time (datetime) (Unitless)

automatic measurement of visibility/precipitation/particle-count/temperature/brightness/3 x atmospheric extinction-coefficients/pH of precipitation/electric conductivity of precipitation; Scatteromete
Dataset ID: 709
Last updated: 2011-03-23
Dataset creators: Ruetger Rollenbeck
Contact: Ruetger Rollenbeck
Temporal coverage: 2002-01-01 00:00:00 - 2008-12-31 23:00:00
Geographic coverage: ECSF climate station
Abstract: automatic measurement of visibility/precipitation...
Additional info: Dies dient der Dokumentation... und wurde dem Da...
Keywords: | visibility | precipitation | particle-count | temperature | atmospheric extinktion | brightness | pH of precipitation | electric conductivity of precipitation |
1. Entity:
Entity name: Scatterometer
Entity type:dataTable
Coefficient of backscattering (backexco) [Unitless]
Background illumination (bgill) [Unitless]
Extinction coefficient (excop) [Unitless]
Total extinction (excotot) [Unitless]
Conductivity (lf) [Microsiemens per centimeter]
pH-value (ph) [Unitless]
Particle counting (pn) [Count]
precipitation (PCP) [Millimeter]
Visibility (visscatt) [Kilometer]
Air temperature in 8m (Ta_8m) [Degrees Celsius]
Date and Time (datetime) (Unitless)

Linden Vaisala data
Dataset ID: 1232
Last updated: 2013-02-15
Dataset creators: Maik Dobbermann
Contact: Maik Dobbermann
Temporal coverage: 2013-02-11 00:00:00 - 2013-02-11 23:55:00
Geographic coverage: Ecuador
Additional info: ---
Keywords: | air temperature | humidity | specific humidity of air |
1. Entity:
Entity name: 20130211_cr1000_linden_crlinden_extracted
Entity type:dataTable
Date and Time (datetime) (Unitless)
air temperature in 2m (Ta_2m) [Degrees Celsius]
Air temperature in 8m (Ta_8m) [Degrees Celsius]
Air humidity 2m (Huma_2m) [Percent]
Air humidity 8m (Huma_8m) [Percent]

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