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Fine root functional traits in Matrix and Core plots
Dataset ID: 1932
Last updated: 2021-09-15
Dataset creators: Kerstin Pierick
Contact: Kerstin Pierick
Temporal coverage: 2018-05-07 00:00:00 - 2018-07-07 00:00:00
Geographic coverage: Matrix plots San Francisco
Abstract: In this dataset, we compiled fine root functional ...
Additional info: ---
Keywords: | MATRIX | roots | fine roots | elevational gradient | core plots | functional traits | root functional traits | root economics spectrum |
DOI: 10.5678/lcrs/for2730.dat.1932
Intellectual rights: FOR816 data user agreement
1. Entity:
Entity name: Fine root functional traits in Matrix and Core plots
Entity type:dataTable
ID of the tree (TreeID) (Unitless)
ID of the plot (PlotID) (Unitless)
Tree species (Tree_species) (Unitless)
Mean root diameter (Root_md) [Millimeter]
Absorptive fine root fraction (afr_fraction) [Gram per gram]
Specific root length (srl) [Meter per gram]
Root tissue density (rtd) [Cubic centimeter per gram]
Root nitrogen concentration (nroot) [Milligram of nitrogen per gramm]
Root phosphorus concentration (proot) [Milligram per gram]

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