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Climate station data from ECSF Thies station 2018
Dataset ID: 1713
Last updated: 2018-06-13
Dataset creators: Jörg Bendix
Maik Dobbermann
Johannes Schmidt
Contact: Maik Dobbermann
Jörg Bendix
Temporal coverage: 2018-01-01 00:00 - 2018-06-05 10:00
Geographic coverage: ECSF climate station
Abstract: Ongoing data collected from ECSF Thies climate st...
Additional info: Raw data, initial visual control only. Use data w...
Keywords: | climate | ECSF | climate station | raw data |
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Entity name: 050618_ecsf_output
Entity type:dataTable
1713_050618_ecsf_output_complete.csv (400 KB)
Wind speed (Windspeed) [Meter per second]
Wind direction 3m (Wind_direction) [Degree]
Air humidity (Huma) [Percent]
Air temperature (Ta) [Degrees Celsius]
Global radiation (gRad2) [Watt per square meter]
Global radiation (down) (gRaddown) [Watt per square meter]
precipitation (PCP) [Millimeter]
soil temperature in 10cm (Ts_10cm) [Degrees Celsius]
soil temperature in 60cm (Ts_60cm) [Degrees Celsius]
Date and Time (datetime) (Unitless)

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