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Canopy soil CO2, CH4 and N2O flux NUMEX
Dataset ID: 1509
Last updated: 2016-09-06
Dataset creators: Amanda Matson
Contact: Amanda Matson
Temporal coverage: 2011-09-01 00:00:00 - 2012-05-01 00:00:00
Geographic coverage: Investigation areas RBSF, Cajanuma, Bomboscaro
Abstract: Measurements of gas flux (CO2, CH4, N2O) in canopy...
Additional info: Gas fluxes were measured by incubating intact soil...
Keywords: | ECSF | NUMEX | Bombuscaro | Cajanuma | Gas exchange | canopy | altitudinal gradient |
Intellectual rights: PAK 823-825 data user agreement. (
1. Entity:
Entity name: NUMEX Canopy soil gas flux
Entity info: Fluxes of CO2 CH4 and N2O in NUMEX (3 blocks, all treatments) canopy soils
Entity type:dataTable
ID of the plot (PlotID) (Unitless)
Date and Time (datetime) (Unitless)
Treatment of the plot (PlotTreat) (Unitless)
ID of the subplot (subplot_id) (Unitless)
mg CO2 field soil respiration measurement (mgCO2) [Milligram of carbon dioxide per square meter and hour ]
CH4 emission from soil (CH4s) [Microgram per square meter and hour]
N2O emission from soil (N2Os) [Microgram per square meter and hour]

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