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Bird species abundance 2000-2002 (species-site matrix)
Dataset ID: 1462
Last updated: 2016-12-30
Dataset creators: Christine Wallis
Detlev Paulsch
Contact: Christine Wallis
Temporal coverage: 2000-01-01 00:00:00 - 2000-01-01 00:00:00
Geographic coverage: San francisco basin
Abstract: Bird species (elevational gradient: 1800-2530m) o...
Additional info: The abundance data has been used in project C2 fo...
Keywords: | species | San Francisco | abundance | bird community | Birds |
Intellectual rights: PAK 823-825 data user agreement. (
1. Entity:
Entity name: Bird species abundance from Paulsch (2000-2002)
Entity info: Bird species abundance has been collected by Detlev Paulsch in 30 GPS-tagged forest sites in the study area under favorable weather conditions at 6:00–10:00 and 16:00–18:00 (UTC ?5:00) between 2000 and 2002 (Paulsch and Müller-Hohenstein, 2008).
Entity type:dataTable
Total number of species (N_Spec) [Unitless]
Species name (Species) (Unitless)
Genus name (Genus) (Unitless)
ID of the plot (PlotID) (Unitless)
Date and Time (datetime) (Unitless)
Minimum geographic latitude (geocoordinate_latitude_min) [Degree]
Maximum geographic latitude (geocoordinate_latitude_max) [Degree]
Minimum geographic longitude (geocoordinate_longitude_min) [Degree]
Maximum geographic longitude (geocoordinate_longitude_max) [Degree]
Height above mean sea level (geocoordinate_amsl) [Meter]

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