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Setaria-grass biomass yield and properties between 2009-2010 at FERPAST
Dataset ID: 1129
Last updated: 2012-08-31
Dataset creators: Karin Potthast
Ute Hamer
Franz Makeschin
Contact: Karin Potthast
Temporal coverage: 2009-01-28 00:00:00 - 2010-02-11 00:00:00
Geographic coverage: FERPAST plot
Abstract: Within 1 year (2009-2010) grass samples were taken...
Additional info: ---
Keywords: | biomass | pasture | carbon | nitrogen | Setaria | yield |
Intellectual rights: FOR816 data user agreement
1. Entity:
Entity name: setaria_grass_biomassandproperties2009_2010
Entity type:dataTable
Date and Time (datetime) (Unitless)
ID of the plot (PlotID) (Unitless)
ID of the sample (SampleID) (Unitless)
yield of biomass (biomass_yield) (Unitless)
period of growth (growth_period) (Unitless)
Total nitrogen of soil (TNs) [Gram per kilogram]
Soil organic carbon (OCs) [Gram per kilogram]
Total phosphorus soil (TPs) [Gram per kilogram]
Ratio of soil organic carbon to total soil nitrogen (OCs_TNs) [Count]
Total element Calcium of soil (TE_Ca) [Gram per kilogram]

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