Z1.1 Central data services and SVAT modelling [funded by Na 783/1-1]

PI(s) for this project:

Prof. Dr. Jörg Bendix


Central data services and SVAT modelling


The proposal at hand comprises two main subjects: (i) provision of data warehouse services to the research unit Ecuador and (ii) modelling of forest stand temperature and air humidity in addition to radiation, heat, and water fluxes within the atmospheric boundary layer and subsequent soil levels. The first subject encompasses the conceptual design, technical implementation, and maintenance of a data warehouse including powerful web-interfaces for data upload, access, and visualisation. This data warehouse will form the centre of an overall integration concept that is also supervised by the PIs of this proposal. The second subject requires the implementation of a Soil-Vegetation-Atmosphere-Transfer (SVAT) model, namely the Community Land Model (CLM) for the entire catchment area of the Rio San Francisco with a grid size resolution of 30 by 30 meters. This model shall be used to understand the relationship between land-use classes and energy/water fluxes inter alia to investigate the consequences of land-use management scenarios defined by other working groups of the research unit. The SVAT model requires area-wide and high resolution (~30 by 30 m) input datasets covering atmospheric, soil, and vegetation related parameters. Hence, additional models are necessary that compute such datasets by merging ground-based point and area-wide satellite remote sensing information. While models for the provision of atmospheric and soil related parameters will be implemented by the working groups B3.1 (PI Bendix) and A3.3 (PI Elsenbeer et al.), the regionalization of vegetation parameters (i. e. leaf area index, canopy height, photosynthetic activity) relies in the responsibility of the PIs of this proposal.