B3.1 Climate dynamics: past and present

PI(s) for this project:

Prof. Dr. Jörg Bendix


Observation and modelling of climate dynamics on different temporal and spatial scales.


The aim of the current project is to investigate past and present climate dynamics on different spatio-temporal scales as the driving force behind ecosystem functions. We hypothesize that present local climate is governed by mesoscale dynamics on the eastern Andean slopes and the adjacent Amazon. Cloud and rain formation and the thermal environment seems to be significantly influenced by (a) Mesoscale Convective Systems (MCS) SE of the RBSF and (b) a local seeder-feeder mechanism. We want to test if MCS formation is due to (a) Low Level Jet interactions with topography and/or (b) regional cold front dynamics in the adjacent Amazon area. The analysis of mesoscale dynamics will be conducted by using the mesoscale circulation model MM5 while the seeder-feeder relation is addressed by operating a rain radar profiler at ECSF. The MM5 model will be also used to simulate past climate and landscape dynamics in close cooperation with projects A1.1 and A1.2. Project A3.1 will benefit from an improved trajectory modelling by using MM5 output. A major aim is also to develop a regionalisation tool based on satellite retrievals, radar data and data of the meteorological stations. This tool will provide data required for the initialisation of the landscape scale models (30 m², Z1.1, A3.3, B3.2 etc.) and gridded weather information for all other projects.