Z2 Central Services - Coordination and Administration [funded by Be 1780/17-1]

Project staff:

Frau Birgit Kühne-Bialozyt
Dr. Felix Matt
Prof. Dr. Jörg Bendix


Central Services, Coordination and Administration


The central project Z2 is responsible for the operation of the Research Unit. This includes: (i) running the ECSF research station (Estación Científica San Francisco) and taking care of the collective scientific and logistic infrastructure in cooperation with the local staff; (ii) financial administration regarding common matters like station rent (25 work places and beds), procurement and maintenance of the project cars and the scientific equipment, and payment of local staff (drivers, workers, student helpers, trainees); (iii) rationing of the global budget of the Research Unit, which encompasses travelling cost of the members and funds for jointly used laboratory equipment and materials (e.g. fertilizer); (iv) organizing the communication and cooperation between the individual sub-projects of the Research Unit. The central project application includes a scientific coordinator (BAT IIa Jörg Zeilinger) and a local helper for the installation and maintenance of the scientific instruments in the Reserva Biológica San Francisco (RBSF) and the technological infrastructure. The project application also includes a coordination assistant (BAT Vc 50 %) to support the Research Unit speaker in Germany.