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Regeling, B.; Thies, B.; Gerstner, A.O.; Westermann, S.; M&uuml;ller, N.A.; Bendix, J. &amp; Laffers, W. (2016): <b>Hyperspectral Imaging Using Flexible Endoscopy for</b>. <i>Sensors</i> <b>16</b>, 1-14.

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Title: Hyperspectral Imaging Using Flexible Endoscopy for
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Publication Date: 2016-08-01
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Individual: Bianca Regeling
Individual: Boris Thies
Individual: Andreas O.H. Gerstner
Individual: Stephan Westermann
Individual: Nina A. Müller
Individual: Jörg Bendix
Individual: Wiebke Laffers
Hyperspectral imaging (HSI) is increasingly gaining acceptance in the medical field.<br/> Up until now, HSI has been used in conjunction with rigid endoscopy to detect cancer in vivo.<br/> The logical next step is to pair HSI with flexible endoscopy, since it improves access to hard-to-reach<br/> areas. While the flexible endoscope’s fiber optic cables provide the advantage of flexibility, they<br/> also introduce an interfering honeycomb-like pattern onto images. Due to the substantial impact<br/> this pattern has on locating cancerous tissue, it must be removed before the HS data can be further<br/> processed. Thereby, the loss of information is to minimize avoiding the suppression of small-area<br/> variations of pixel values. We have developed a system that uses flexible endoscopy to record HS<br/> cubes of the larynx and designed a special filtering technique to remove the honeycomb-like pattern<br/> with minimal loss of information. We have confirmed its feasibility by comparing it to conventional<br/> filtering techniques using an objective metric and by applying unsupervised and supervised<br/> classifications to raw and pre-processed HS cubes. Compared to conventional techniques, our<br/> method successfully removes the honeycomb-like pattern and considerably improves classification<br/> performance, while preserving image details.
| hyperspectral | oropharyngeal cancer |
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Journal: Sensors
Volume: 16
Page Range: 1-14
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Individual: Jörg Bendix
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