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Turini, N.; Thies, B. & Bendix, J. (2019): Estimating High Spatio-Temporal Resolution Rainfall from MSG1 and GPM IMERG Based on Machine Learning: Case Study of Iran. Remote sensing 11(19), 2307.
Kolbe, C.; Thies, B.; Egli, S.; Lehnert, L.; Schulz, M. & Bendix, J. (2019): Precipitation Retrieval over the Tibetan Plateau from the Geostationary Orbit — Part 1 : Precipitation Area Delineation with Elektro-L2 and Insat-3D. Remote Sensing 11(19), 2302.
Jung, P.; Schermer, M.; Briegel-Williams, L.; Baumann, K.; Leinweber, P.; Karsten, U.; Lehnert, L.; Achilles, S.; Bendix, J. & Büdel, B. (2019): Water availability shapes edaphic and lithic cyanobacterial communities in the Atacama Desert1. Journal of Phycology 0(0), 1-22.
Jung, P.; Emrích, D.; Briegel‐Williams, L.; Schermer, M.; Weber, L.; Baumann, K.; Colesie, C.; Clerc, P.; Lehnert, L.; Achilles, S.; Bendix, J. & Büdel, B. (2019): Ecophysiology and phylogeny of new terricolous and epiphytic chlorolichens in a fog oasis of the Atacama Desert. Microbiology Open 8, 1-21.
Lehnert, L.; Meyer, H.; Obermeier, W.; Silva, B.; Regeling, B.; Thies, B. & Bendix, J. (2019): Hyperspectral Data Analysis in R: The hsdar Package. Journal of Statistical Software 89(12), 1-23.
Wallis, C.I.B.; Homeier, J.; Peña, J.; Brandl, R.; Farwig, N. & Bendix, J. (2019): Modeling tropical montane forest biomass, productivity and canopy traits with multispectral remote sensing data. Remote Sensing of Environment 225, 77-92.
Drönner, J.; Egli, S.; Thies, B.; Bendix, J. & Seeger, B. (2019): FFLSD - Fast Fog and Low Stratus Detection tool for large satellite time-series. Computers & Geosciences 1, 1-36.
Egli, S.; Thies, B. & Bendix, J. (2019): A spatially explicit and temporally highly resolved analysis of variations in fog occurrence over Europe. Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society 1, 1-20.
Knerr, I.; Dienst, M.; Lindén, J.; Dobrovolný, P.; Geletic, J.; Büntgen, U. & Esper, J. (2019): Addressing the relocation bias in a long temperature record by means of land cover assessment. Theoretical and Applied Climatology , 1-11.
Miehe, G.; Schleuss, P.; Seeber, E.; Babel, W.; Biermann, T.; Braendle, M.; Fahu, C.; Coners, H.; Foken, T.; Gerken, T.; Graf, H.; Guggenberger, G.; Hafner, S.; Holzapfel, M.; Ingrisch, J.; Kuzyakov, Y.; Lai, Z.; Lehnert, L.; Leuschner, C.; Li, X.; Liu, J.; Liu, S.; Ma, Y.; Miehe, S.; Mosbrugger, V.; Noltie, H.J.; Schmidt, J.; Spielvogel, S.; Unteregelsbacher, S.; Wang, Y.; Willinghöfer, S.; Xu, X.; Yang, Y.; Zhang, S.; Opgenoorth, L. & Wesche, K. (2019): The Kobresia pygmaea ecosystem of the Tibetan highlands - Origin, functioning and degradation of the world's largest pastoral alpine ecosystem: Kobresia pastures of Tibet. Science of the Total Environment 648, 754-771.
Orellana-Alvear, J.; Celleri, R.; Rollenbeck, R. & Bendix, J. (2019): Optimization of X-Band Radar Rainfall Retrieval in the Southern Andes of Ecuador Using a Random Forest Model. Remote Sensing 11(14), 1632.
Guallpa, M.; Orellana-Alvear, J. & Bendix, J. (2019): Tropical Andes Radar Precipitation Estimates Need High Temporal and Moderate Spatial Resolution. Water 11(5), 1-22.
Gonzalez-Jaramillo, V.; Fries, A. & Bendix, J. (2019): AGB Estimation in a Tropical Mountain Forest (TMF) by Means of RGB and Multispectral Images Using an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV). Remote Sensing 11(12), 1-22.
Obermeier, W.; Lehnert, L.; Pohl, M.; Gianonni, S.M.; Silva, B.; Seibert, R.; Laser, H.; Moser, G.; Müller, C.; Luterbacher, J. & Bendix, J. (2019): Grassland ecosystem services in a changing environment: The potential of hyperspectral monitoring. Remote Sensing of Environment 232, 111273.
Yuan, N.; Moser, G.; Müller, C.; Obermeier, W.; Bendix, J. & Luterbacher, J. (2018): Extreme climatic events down- regulate the grassland biomass response to elevated carbon dioxide. Nature Scientific Reports 8, 17758.
Trachte, K. (2018): Atmospheric Moisture Pathways to the Highlands of the Tropical Andes: Analyzing the Effects of Spectral Nudging on Different Driving Fields for Regional Climate Modeling. Atmosphere 9, 1-24.
Drönner, J.; Korfhage, N.; Egli, S.; Mühling, M.; Thies, B.; Bendix, J.; Freisleben, B. & Seeger, B. (2018): Fast Cloud Segmentation Using Convolutional Neural Networks. remote sensing 10(11), 1782-.
Carrillo-Rojas, G.; Silva, B.; Rollenbeck, R.; Celleri, R. & Bendix, J. (2018): The breathing of the Andean highlands: Net ecosystem exchange and evapotranspiration over the páramo of southern Ecuador. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology 265, 30-47.
Baumann, K.; Jung, P.; Samolov, E.; Lehnert, L.; Büdel, B.; Karsten, U.; Bendix, J.; Achilles, S.; Schermer, M.; Matus, F.; Oses, R.; Osses, P.; Morshedizad, M.; Oehlschläger, C.; Hu, Y.; Klysubun, W. & Leinweber, P. (2018): Biological soil crusts along a climatic gradient in Chile: Richness and imprints of phototrophic microorganisms in phosphorus biogeochemical cycling. Soil Biology and Biochemistry 127, 286-300.
Wang, Y.; Lehnert, L.; Holzapfel, M.; Schultz, R.; Heberling, G.; Görzen, E.; Meyer, H.; Seeber, E.; Pinkert, S.; Ritz, M.; Fu, Y.; Ansorge, H.; Bendix, J.; Seifert, B.; Miehe, G.; Long, R.; Yang, Y. & Wesche, K. (2018): Multiple indicators yield diverging results on grazing degradation and climate controls across Tibetan pastures. Ecological Indicators 93, 1199-1208.
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