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Baumann, K.; Jung, P.; Samolov, E.; Lehnert, L.; Büdel, B.; Karsten, U.; Bendix, J.; Achilles, S.; Schermer, M.; Matus, F.; Oses, R.; Osses, P.; Morshedizad, M.; Oehlschläger, C.; Hu, Y.; Klysubun, W. & Leinweber, P. (2018): Biological soil crusts along a climatic gradient in Chile: Richness and imprints of phototrophic microorganisms in phosphorus biogeochemical cycling. Soil Biology and Biochemistry 127, 286-300 DOI:
Miehe, G.; Schleuss, P.; Seeber, E.; Babel, W.; Biermann, T.; Braendle, M.; Fahu, C.; Coners, H.; Foken, T.; Gerken, T.; Graf, H.; Guggenberger, G.; Hafner, S.; Holzapfel, M.; Ingrisch, J.; Kuzyakov, Y.; Lai, Z.; Lehnert, L.; Leuschner, C.; Li, X.; Liu, J.; Liu, S.; Ma, Y.; Miehe, S.; Mosbrugger, V.; Noltie, H.J.; Schmidt, J.; Spielvogel, S.; Unteregelsbacher, S.; Wang, Y.; Willinghöfer, S.; Xu, X.; Yang, Y.; Zhang, S.; Opgenoorth, L. & Wesche, K. (2019): The Kobresia pygmaea ecosystem of the Tibetan highlands - Origin, functioning and degradation of the world's largest pastoral alpine ecosystem: Kobresia pastures of Tibet. Science of the Total Environment 648, 754-771 DOI:
Knuesting, J.; Brinkmann, M.C.; Silva, B.; Schorch, M.; Bendix, J.; Beck, E. & Scheibe, R. (2018): Who will win where and why? An ecophysiological dissection of the competition between a tropical pasture grass and the invasive weed Bracken over an elevation range of 1000m in the tropical Andes. PlosOne 13, 1-24 DOI:
Wang, Y.; Lehnert, L.; Holzapfel, M.; Schultz, R.; Heberling, G.; Görzen, E.; Meyer, H.; Seeber, E.; Pinkert, S.; Ritz, M.; Fu, Y.; Ansorge, H.; Bendix, J.; Seifert, B.; Miehe, G.; Long, R.; Yang, Y. & Wesche, K. (2018): Multiple indicators yield diverging results on grazing degradation and climate controls across Tibetan pastures. Ecological Indicators 93, 1199-1208 DOI:
Urbich, I.; Bendix, J. & Müller, R.W. (2018): A Novel Approach for the Short-Term Forecast of the Effective Cloud Albedo. Remote Sensing 10, 955 DOI:
Lehnert, L.; Jung, P.; Obermeier, W.; Büdel, B. & Bendix, J. (2018): Estimating Net Photosynthesis of Biological Soil Crusts in the Atacama Using Hyperspectral Remote Sensing. Remote Sensing 10(6), 891 DOI: .
Obermeier, W.; Lehnert, L.; Ivanov, M.; Luterbacher, J. & Bendix, J. (2018): Reduced summer aboveground productivity in temperate C3 grasslands under future climate regimes. Earth's Future 6(5), 716-729 DOI:
Gonzalez-Jaramillo, V.; Fries, A.; Zeilinger, J.; Homeier, J.; Paladines, J. & Bendix, J. (2018): Estimation of Above Ground Biomass in a Tropical Mountain Forest in Southern Ecuador Using Airborne LiDAR Data. Remote Sensing 10, 1 DOI:
Egli, S.; Thies, B. & Bendix, J. (2018): A Hybrid Approach for Fog Retrieval Based on a Combination of Satellite and Ground Truth Data. Remote Sensing 10(4), 1-26 DOI:
Trachte, K.; Seidel, J.; Figueroa, R.; Otto, M. & Bendix, J. (2018): Cross-Scale Precipitation Variability in a Semiarid Catchment Area on the Western Slopes of the Central Andes. Journal of Applied Meteorology and Climatology 57(3), 675-694 DOI:
Lehnert, L.; Thies, B.; Trachte, K.; Achilles, S.; Osses, P.; Baumann, K.; Schmidt, J.; Samolov, E.; Jung, P.; Leinweber, P.; Büdel, B. & Bendix, J. (2018): A Case Study on Fog/Low Stratus Occurrence at Las Lomitas, Atacama Desert (Chile) as a Water Source for Biological Soil Crusts. Aerosol and Air Quality Research 18(1), 254-269 DOI:
Brede, B.; Thies, B.; Bendix, J. & Feister, U. (2017): Spatiotemporal High-Resolution Cloud Mapping with a Ground-Based IR Scanner. Advances in Meteorology 2017, 11 DOI:
Tiede, Y.; Schlautmann, J.; Donoso, D.A.; Wallis, C.I.B.; Bendix, J.; Brandl, R. & Farwig, N. (2017): Ants as indicators of environmental change and ecosystem processes. Ecological Indicators 83, 527–537 DOI:
Strobl, S.; Cueva Ortiz, E.; Silva, B.; Knuesting, J.; Schorch, M.; Scheibe, R.; Bendix, J. & Beck, E. (2017): Water relations and photosynthetic water use efficiency as indicators of slow climate change effects on trees in a tropical mountain forest in South Ecuador. Ecological Indicators 83, 550–558 DOI:
Farwig, N.; Bendix, J. & Beck, E. (2017): Introduction to the Special Issue “Functional monitoring in megadiverse tropical ecosystems”. Ecological Indicators 83, 524–526 DOI:
Oñate-Valdivieso, F.; Fries, A.; Mendoza, K.; Gonzalez-Jaramillo, V.; Pucha-Cofrep, F.; Rollenbeck, R. & Bendix, J. (2017): Temporal and spatial analysis of precipitation patterns in an Andean region of southern Ecuador using LAWR weather radar. Meteorol. Atmos. Phys. 2017, 1-12 DOI:
Bendix, J.; Fries, A.; Zarate, J.; Trachte, K.; Rollenbeck, R.; Pucha-Cofrep, F.; Paladines, R.; Palacios, I.; Orellana Alvear, J.; Oñate-Valdivieso, F.; Naranjo, C.; Mendoza, L.; Mejia, D.; Guallpa, M.; Gordillo, F.; Gonzalez-Jaramillo, V.; Dobbermann, M.; Celleri, R.; Carillo, C.; Araque, A. & Achilles, S. (2017): Radarnet Sur – first weather radar network in tropical high mountains. Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society 98(6), 1235-1254 DOI:
Thies, B.; Egli, S. & Bendix, J. (2017): The Influence of Drop Size Distributions on the Relationship between Liquid Water Content and Radar Reflectivity in Radiation Fogs. Atmosphere 8(8), 23 DOI:
Wallis, C.I.B.; Brehm, G.; Donoso, D.A.; Fiedler, K.; Homeier, J.; Paulsch, D.; Süßenbach, D.; Tiede, Y.; Brandl, R.; Farwig, N. & Bendix, J. (2017): Remote sensing improves prediction of tropical montane species diversity but performance differs among taxa. Ecological Indicators 1(1), 1-11 DOI:
Silva, B.; Alava Nunez, P.; Strobl, S.; Beck, E. & Bendix, J. (2017): Area-wide evapotranspiration monitoring at the crown level of a tropical mountain rain forest. Remote Sensing of Environment 194, 219–229 DOI:
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