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Aydogan, E.; Busse, H.; Moser, G.; M&uuml;ller, C.; K&auml;mpfer, P. &amp; Glaeser, S.P. (2016): <b>Proposal of Mucilaginibacter phyllosphaerae sp. nov. isolated from the phyllosphere of Galium album</b>. <i>International Journal of Systematics and Evolutionary Microbiology</i> <b>66</b>, 4138-4147<br>DOI: <a href="" target="_blank"></a>.

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Title: Proposal of Mucilaginibacter phyllosphaerae sp. nov. isolated from the phyllosphere of Galium album
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Publication Date: 2016-10-01
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Individual: Aydogan, Ebru
Individual: Busse, Hans-Jürgen
Individual: Moser, Gerald
Individual: Müller, Christoph
Individual: Kämpfer, Peter
Individual: Glaeser, Stefanie P.
A pink-pigmented, Gram-stain-negative, rod-shaped, non-spore-forming bacterial strain, PP-F2F-G21T, was isolated from the phyllosphere of Galium album. Phylogenetic analysis of the nearly full-length 16S rRNA gene sequence of strain PP-F2F-G21T showed the closest relationship to type strains of the species Mucilaginibacter lutimaris (97.7?%), Mucilaginibacter soli (97.3?%) and Mucilaginibacter rigui (97.1?%). Sequence similarities to all other type strains were below 97?%. The predominant cellular fatty acids of strain PP-F2F-G21T are C16?:?1 ?7c/iso-C15?:?0 2-OH (measured as summed feature 3 fatty acids) and iso-C15?:?0 followed by iso-C17?:?0 3-OH, C16?:?1 ?5c and C16?:?0. The major compound in the polyamine pattern was sym-homospermidine and the diamino acid of the peptidoglycan was meso-diaminopimelic acid. The quinone system was exclusively composed of menaquinone MK-7. The polar lipid profile contained the major lipid phosphatidylethanolamine and in addition 18 unidentified lipids. Based on phylogenetic, chemotaxonomic and phenotypic analyses, we propose a novel species of the genus Mucilaginibacter named Mucilaginibacter phyllosphaerae sp. nov. The type strain is PP-F2F-G21T (=CCM 8625T=CIP 110921T=LMG 29118T).
| grassland | Epiphytic Microbial Community | grassland ecology |
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Journal: International Journal of Systematics and Evolutionary Microbiology
Volume: 66
Page Range: 4138-4147
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Individual: Moser, Gerald
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