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Gr&uuml;nhage, L.; Kammann, C. &amp; Moser, G. (2016-01-07). <b>GiFACE Sampling Design</b>. Presented at Internal Presentation, Giessen.

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Title: GiFACE Sampling Design
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Publication Date: 2016-11-02
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Individual: Grünhage, Ludger
Individual: Kammann, Claudia
Individual: Moser, Gerald
The sampling design in the all six Gi-FACE rings is standardised. Subplots 1-3 are used for weekly measurements of greenhouse gas fluxes and biannual biomass harvest. Subplots 4-25 are used for biannual biomass harvests and cover more or less the two species inventory subplots for biannual vegetations surveys. Subplots 24 and 25 have been used in 2013 for a 15N-13C Tracing study and in Subplot 25 the topsoil (7.5 cm) was used in 2014 for an incubation study and the soil was replaced by soil from outside the rings. Small circles within the ring area indicate Licor soil colomne for soil respiration measurements. The yellow rectangles mark the area where soil profiles have been opened in 2015 to install new soil moisture and temperature sensors. "Needles" and asterix mark positions where soil samples have been taken.
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The sampling positions are updated after each sampling, in case please ask for the latest version (Gerald Moser)
| biomass | grassland | Giessen FACE | Gi-FACE | crop yield |
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Conference Name: Internal Presentation
Date: 2016-01-07
Location: Giessen
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Individual: Moser, Gerald
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