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Zhang, H.; Yuan, N.; Esper, J.; Werner, J.P.; Xoplaki, E.; B&uuml;ntgen, U.; Treydte, K. &amp; Luterbacher, J. (2015): <b>Modified climate with long term memory in tree ring proxies</b>. <i>Environmental Research Letters</i> <b>10</b>, 084020<br>DOI: <a href="" target="_blank"></a>.

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Title: Modified climate with long term memory in tree ring proxies
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Publication Date: 2015-08-18
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Individual: Zhang, Huan
Individual: Yuan, Naiming
Individual: Esper, Jan
Individual: Werner, Johannes P.
Individual: Xoplaki, Elena
Individual: Büntgen, Ulf
Individual: Treydte, Kerstin
Individual: Luterbacher, Jürg
Long term memory (LTM) scaling behavior in worldwide tree-ring proxies and subsequent climate<br/> reconstructions is analyzed for and compared with the memory structure inherent to instrumental<br/> temperature and precipitation data. Detrended fluctuation analysis is employed to detect LTM, and its<br/> scaling exponent ? is used to evaluate LTM. The results show that temperature and precipitation<br/> reconstructions based on ringwidthmeasurements (mean ? = 0.8) containmorememory than<br/> records based onmaximumlatewood density (mean ? = 0.7). Both exceed thememory inherent to<br/> regional instrumental data (? = 0.6 for temperature, ? = 0.5 for precipitation) in the time scales<br/> ranging from1 year up to 50 years.We comparememory-free (? = 0.5) pseudo-instrumental<br/> precipitation datawith pseudo-reconstructed precipitation datawith LTM (? > 0.5), and demonstrate<br/> the biasing influences ofLTMon climate reconstructions. Wecall for attention to statistical<br/> analysis with regard to the variability of proxy-based chronologies or reconstructions, particularly<br/> with respect to the contained (i) trends, (ii) past warm/cold period and wet/dry periods; and (iii)<br/> extreme events.
| climate reconstructions | tree-ring width | maximum latewood density | frequency domains |
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Journal: Environmental Research Letters
Volume: 10
Page Range: 084020
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Individual: Yuan, Naiming
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