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Liebermann, R. (2017-07-04). <b>Interaktion der simulierten Wasser- und N-Kreisl&auml;ufe des Linden FACE Gr&uuml;nlands</b>. Presented at FACE2FACE Vollversammlung 2017, JLU Giessen.

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Title: Interaktion der simulierten Wasser- und N-Kreisläufe des Linden FACE Grünlands
F2Fdw ID: 91
Publication Date: 2017-07-04
License and Usage Rights: FACE2FACE data user agreement.
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Individual: Liebermann, Ralf
Progress Report of AP B3 for the FACE2FACE plenary meeting
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Only for internal use. Not intended for publication or citation.
| biomass | water | grassland | ground water | soil moisture | Gi-FACE | Nitrous oxide | Nitrate Stocks | CO2 emissions | ecosystem simulation |
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Conference Name: FACE2FACE Vollversammlung 2017
Date: 2017-07-04
Location: JLU Giessen
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Individual: Liebermann, Ralf
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