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Seibert, R.; Grünhage, L.; Müller, C.; Otte, A. & Donath, T.W. (2018): Raised atmospheric CO2 levels affect soil seed bank composition of temperate grasslands. Journal of Vegetation Science 30, 86-97

Seibert, R. (2014-09-18). Population dynamics, phenology and yield of grassland. Presented at 7th GGL Conference on Life Sciences, Gießen.
Seibert, R. (2017-07-04). Populationsdynamik, Phänologie und Ertrag im Grünland. Presented at FACE2FACE-Vollversammlung, Gießen.
Seibert, R. (2015-10-01). Impacts of long-term atmospheric CO2 enrichment on the soil seed bank in a temperate grassland. Presented at 8th GGL Conference on Life Sciences, Gießen, Germany.
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