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Juhlke, T.; Huneau, F.; Barth, J.; Bendix, J.; Br&auml;uning, A.; Garel, E.; H&auml;usser, M.; Knerr, I.; Santoni, S.; Szymczak, S.; Trachte, K. &amp; van Geldern, R. (2017-10-17). <b>Integrating isotope hydrology, climatology, and tree rings: The CorsicArchive Project</b>. Presented at EGU Leonardo Conference 2017 - Water stable isotopes in the hydrological cycle, Titisee, Germany.

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Title: Integrating isotope hydrology, climatology, and tree rings: The CorsicArchive Project
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Publication Date: 2017-10-16
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Individual: Tobias Juhlke
Individual: Frédéric Huneau
Individual: Johannes Barth
Individual: Jörg Bendix
Individual: Achim Bräuning
Individual: Emilie Garel
Individual: Martin Häusser
Individual: Isabel Knerr
Individual: Sébastien Santoni
Individual: Sonja Szymczak
Individual: Katja Trachte
Individual: Robert van Geldern
Paleoclimate proxies such as tree rings rely on stable isotope ratios for the reconstruction of past climatic conditions. Such information then allows the calibration of models that evaluate and predict ongoing and future effects of global climate change. A region expected to be widely affected is the North-western Mediterranean. In that region, the island of Corsica was subject to isotope hydrology and dendroisotope studies in the recent past. Based on the findings of these previous investigations the new project “CorsicArchive" was launched in 2017.<br/> The project is designed to integrate climate modeling, isotope hydrology, wood anatomy and dendroisotopes for a better understanding of key aspects within the hydrologic cycle and climate reconstruction. The project aims to trace the stable isotope ratios of water along its pathway in the hydrologic cycle from its vapor source over precipitation to the uptake by trees where the information is eventually stored.<br/> For these purposes we placed 10 rain collectors in an E-W transect over the islands central main mountain range. With this setup, and two additional automatic rain event samplers, we foresee high-resolution sampling to map spatial and temporal variations. Currently conducted sampling of precipitation and soil water in conjunction with xylem water samples from trees are promising to decipher the sources and fate of water from its source to the climatic archives.<br/> We will present preliminary results from this exciting study.
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| climate | tree ring anatomy | Corsica | wood anatomy | mediterranean climate | altitudinal gradient | isotope hydrology | water cycle | western Mediterranean |
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Conference Name: EGU Leonardo Conference 2017 - Water stable isotopes in the hydrological cycle
Date: 2017-10-17
Location: Titisee, Germany
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Individual: Tobias Juhlke
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