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Juhlke, T.; Huneau, F.; Barth, J.; Bendix, J.; Bräuning, A.; Garel, E.; Häusser, M.; Knerr, I.; Santoni, S.; Szymczak, S.; Trachte, K. & van Geldern, R. (2017-10-17). Integrating isotope hydrology, climatology, and tree rings: The CorsicArchive Project. Presented at EGU Leonardo Conference 2017 - Water stable isotopes in the hydrological cycle, Titisee, Germany.
Szymczak, S.; Hetzer, T.; Bräuning, A.; Joachimski, M.; Leuschner, H. & Kuhlemann, J. (2014): Combining wood anatomy and stable isotope variations in a 600-year multi-parameter climate reconstruction from Corsican Pine. Quaternary Science Reviews 101, 146-158 DOI:
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